2017 – Day 3

Sunny Day. Cold Crisp Dry 34 degrees. Spent 15 minutes cleaning up odds and ends outside for as long as I could stand it.

2017 – Day 1

Spent an hour or so with Wendy beginning our plan for the garden this year.
We established a short list of the things we’d like to grow this year and began outlining plans for each of them. We also started to outline a budget with a goal of having a net positive affect on the household budget as well our health.

We agreed to meet for an hour each Sunday at 11 to touch base and continue planning. Wendy will be the project manager. I will be the primary worker spending at least 15 minutes a day working on the garden and will log each day’s activities here. Today’s 15 was the planning session.

This week I have a few tasks to work on

  • Weed and cover the beds with straw
  • Draft sketch of irrigation plan
  • Tool Inventory & Cleaning